Try The 6 World’s Easiest Exercises For Back Fat And Underarm Flab


4. Snow Angels

Lie down flat on the ground, with your face towards the floor. Stretch your hands on the sides, and your palms faced down to the floor. Lift them up above your head, and keep the head down at the same time.

You should also keep your close to a wall, a few inches away only. Then slowly lower your arms to the starting position, and they should be totally straight all the time. Do 10 reps of the exercise and 3 sets.

5. The Bird-Dog Exercise

This is one of the most basic and classic core exercises, with it you can easily strengthen your back muscles and your abs as well. This exercise will increase your stability and balance, enhance your blood flow, tone your shoulder, arm and back muscles.

Start this exercise on all fours, make sure your hips are in the same line with your knees, and your hands are aligned with your shoulders as well. At the same time keep your back completely straight. Then extend your right arm and left leg, and hold that body posture for a few seconds. Then you can switch side and do the same with the other hand and leg.


6. Plank Drops

With this exercise you will manage to strengthen every back muscle, and improve your body posture a lot! This exercise is one of the easiest to preform, but it is also one of the most effective to get rid of excess back fat.

Go down on your forearms and feet, while your legs are wide apart from each other. Also your hips shouldn’t move while preforming the exercise, and your chest should lower down. Squeeze through the shoulder blades and hold that position for about 10 seconds. Do 20 reps and 2 sets of this exercise.

Also we didn’t mention the best thing about these simple exercises, you will not need to go to the gym to preform them! You can do them at home, you need a little bit of space, and you can preform them on daily basis. And after a few weeks of working out, you will be able to notice the improvements yourself!



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