Spreading Salt Around The House – Here’s Why It’s So Incredible!


Salt is very cheap and there is no reason why we should not use it, commercial  products are packed with harmful chemicals.

Salt Prevents the Spread of Ants
You can count on salt, if you are looking for a natural way to prevent ants from your doors, windows and storage cabinets  . Sprinkle some salt on the windows and other areas that ants use to enter your home/kitchen.You will also reduce the level of humidity and moisture in your home,  if you use salt in this way .

Salt as a Natural Copper, Silver and Brass Polisher
Silver, copper and/or brass decorations, untreated tend to lose color.To avoid this problem you can use salt because this is an efficient and simple solution. Create a mixture  consists of apple cider vinegar  and salt and wipe the surfaces until they become shiny. With the help of this natural mixture you’ll remove any dirt and stains.



Salt as a Natural Cleaning Agent for Your House and Car Windows
Make mixture of few tablespoons  salt and one gallon of lukewarm water and mix themUse this mixture to clean the windows and eliminate persistent stains. Polish and clean the house windows until they get their natural appearance. The best part is that the effects you achieve will last for a long period of time. In addition, you can use the same solution to clean the windows of your car.

Make Your Sink Drains Shiny Again
Make mixture consists of some salt and hot water and use it directly in your kitchen or bathroom sink. The grease accumulation which leads to clogging and heavy smell will be dissolved by the salt.

Make Your Skin Younger
Use salt to create rejuvenating bath scrub. Combine lavender essential oil or olive oil and salt . Use this solution on your body, wait for a couple of minutes and use lukewarm water to remove the dirt. Thanks to the salt, your skin will appear younger and you’ll get fast and efficient exfoliation.


Revive the Colors of Your Curtains and Rugs
If you want to revive the colors of the rugs and curtains in your home and make them look like they are new, you can use this salt-based solution. Take a cloth and put it in salt water (concentrated). Rub the carpets, rugs and curtains with the soaked cloth.This solution can remove the dirt and stains that could not be removed with commercial detergents.

Tooth Treatment
Put some salt in warm water, wait for a minute for the salt to get dissolved and rinse your mouth with this solution, if you are dealing with toothaches or mouth sores . This is an all-natural mouthwash that provides excellent results.


Teeth Whitening and Oral Health Care
Take equal parts of salt and baking soda  , create a mixture for teeth whitening. Use it at any period of the day. Your teeth will bring back their natural shine.

Enhance the Results of Washing Your Clothes
Pour some salt in the last wash to protect your clothes from shrinking. This is especially useful in case you are drying pieces of clothes out on a sunny day. Your clothes will be perfectly clean and soft.



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