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Use of Cookies
The Telecommunications Act requires every website to inform the visitor about the use of cookies. Also, permission should always be asked for the specific use of the cookies that are to be placed.
Tips and Tricks uses the latest techniques to maximise the ease of use and relevance of our website to you as a visitor. An example of such a technique is the use of cookies and scripts (hereinafter referred to as “cookies”). Cookies can be used by us as website owners, but also by third parties like advertisers.
The use of cookies is safe. A cookie does not contain any personal information, nor can this be derived from the data from this cookie. You do not need to be afraid that you will be approached via email, post or phone by accepting cookies.
This cookie statement applies to Tips and Tricks ( and was established in collaboration with industry partners and supervisor ACM.
Cookies for the correct functioning of the website
Our website uses cookies for:

  • Displaying the website in the optimal resolution
  • Retaining your account information, if you wish, after logging in.

Statistics Cookies
As a site administrator, we would like to know which content people find the most popular, is read most or, for example, is shared most often. Therefore, we make use of Google Analytics.
Google Analytics collects information and turns this information into statistics. We can then see how often our webpage is visited, where exactly visitors spend the most time, and so on. This helps us to make our website as user-friendly as possible.
We use cookies for:

  • Counting the number of visitors
  • Keeping track of the duration of the visit
  • Saving the different pages that are visited and in which order that has happened
  • Looking at what is being clicked on most or least
  • Optimising the website

Social Sharing Cookies
All of our articles allow you to share with your friends, family and acquaintances through various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Sharing makes use of social media cookies, so that the party to which the article or video is shared knows from which website the share originates.
These cookies make it possible for:

  • Logged in users of selected social media to share certain content from our website directly
  • Receiving social media website to know where the article or video comes from

For the cookies that the social media sites place and the possible data they collect with it, we refer to the statements given by these parties on their own websites; see the links below. Please note that these statements can be changed regularly. Tips and Tricks has no influence in this matter.
Facebook | Google+ | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Pinterest
Cookies for adverts
Tips and Tricks shows you adverts. By means of these, we can finance this website and continue to provide content. Some ads (or video messages) use cookies. These ads are placed on our website by us and/or third parties.
The ad cookies make it possible that:

  • You do not get to see the same ad every time
  • The advertiser knows how often his ad is clicked and from where
  • The advertiser can track how many orders are received in response to the ad
  • If such cookies are not used, you will still see ads. There are also ads being shown that do not use cookies. In many cases, these ads will be less relevant.

Cookies for behavioural content
It is of course our goal to provide you with information that is as relevant as possible to you. That is why we try to customise our site to every visitor. We do this not only through the content of our website, but also through the ads that are being shown.
In order to achieve that goal, we try to get an idea of your possible interests based on the websites that you visit on the Internet. This can never be traced to a person or personal information. Based on these interests, we try to make and maintain the content of the articles and ads relevant. Third parties who place cookies on our website can also try to find out your interests in this way. The information about your current website visit can then be combined with information from previous visits to websites other than ours.
These cookies make it possible that:

  • The websites register your visit to make an estimate of your interests
  • It can be checked if you have clicked on an ad
  • Information about your browsing behaviour is passed on to other websites
  • Third party services are used to show ads to you
  • More interesting ads being shown based on your social media use

Customising Browser Settings
You can also make sure that no cookies are placed on your computer. This can be specified in the settings of your web browser. Alternatively, you can adjust the settings so that your browser refuses all cookies or only third-party cookies. You can also delete your previously installed cookies using your browser settings.
If you do not accept cookies as a visitor, we cannot guarantee that the website will function fully. There is a possibility that functionality will stop working or complete websites will no longer be visible. Not accepting cookies does not mean that no ads are shown, these will just be less relevant to you.
How to adjust your settings may vary per browser. Click on one of the links below to directly access the manual of your browser.
Internet Explorer | Google Chrome | Firefox | Safari | Opera
Concluding remarks
We may change the contents of the statements and cookies contained in the lists at any time and without notice. You can view this webpage for the latest version.
If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact us through our contact form

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