104-Year Old Japanese Doctor Recommends These 14 Healthy Pieces of Advice


How does someone live well over 100? What habits can help us live that long? Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara has the answer. This man has 104 and lives a pretty active life in Japan, and has written over 150 books during his career which offer advice on leading a long and happy life. Here are Dr. Hinohara’s 14 advices on a long and healthy life:

Stay fit

Dr. Hinohara suggests always staying in shape. This means that you should stay physically active at all times and eat a healthy diet as well. For breakfast, he has a bit of orange juice, coffee and olive oil. For lunch, he eats cookies and milk, while for dinner, he eats rice, vegetables and fish. He also suggests eating 100 gr. of lean meat twice a week.

Don’t believe your doctor

Although a doctor himself, Dr. Hinohara says that following your doctor’s advices blindly won’t make you healthy, and may even have the opposite effect.

Science alone can’t cure everything


According to Dr. Hinohara, science alone won’t cure all diseases. He says that we must incorporate visual and even liberal arts in order to treat illnesses and stay healthy.

Always plan ahead

Planning ahead can keep your brain health in check and help you lead a more successful life. Dr. Hinohara has already booked a spot at the 2020 Japan Olympics!

Pain is a mysterious thing

According to the doctor, pain is mysterious and can be treated with simple things such as playing with your pet or listening to music.

Be inspired

In order to stay motivated, you should always seek inspiration.

Enjoy life to the fullest

Dr. Hinohara knows how to enjoy life. He still works for about 18 hours a day, and serves the community in every way he can.

Carry your own things and take the stairs



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